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Artist Emerita Baik’s solo exhibition at Toi Poneke Arts Centre in 2019 ‘EOmma’ (Korean for Mother), presented a selection of works utilising everyday objects within her home environment, responding to Korean traditional methods of wrapping/bottari, quilting/nubi and korean magazines.

Through collage, sculpture and painting, Baik seeks to articulate the intangible experiences of migrants living with a language barrier, and explores the alienating effect of cultural exclusion experienced within their everyday lives.

Baik’s cast sculptures respond to the traditional wrapping method, bottari, used to
wrap personal belongings when moving from one place to another. Casting these
hybridised bojagi (The traditional object itself), creates a sense of permanency in it’s in-betweenness. The title Extra Gum refers to her mother’s habit of buying green Extra brand chewing gum from the supermarket checkout.
Glitter, paper, urethane, acrylic paint
700 x 700
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