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Sam Norton is a multi-disciplinary artist working in collage, photography, video and installation. Through these various mediums Norton works intuitively, making images as a way of developing and working through ideas. The content of her art practice is loosely autobiographical, reflecting both childhood experiences and current day environments with a desire to remain suspended somewhere between the real world and the imagined. Her work while varied, seeks to re-evaluate the expected by inserting psychological tension and the absurd. In doing so Norton alludes to another world – one based on fantasy, protection and themes of escapism.

In this collage, Woman Walking we are shown a figure, or figures layered on top of each other, different genders and from different time periods, real and imagined all modelling for our viewing, merging into one. The simple act of walking has been confiscated and reimagined as a convergence of worlds.

Sam Norton graduated from Massey University in 2017 with a Master of Fine Arts.
paper collage
355 x 430mm framed
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