Gouge, Peter
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Gouge’s artwork has been described as “Bright, strident, pulsing contemporary glam”1, as if they are physically expressive visualisations of the electronic music scene. Luscious colour and textural combinations (almost tropicalia) are combined with slashes of energy with strangely satisfying results.

Gouge revels in finding new ways to respond to the textural qualities of the material he paints onto. In the same series as I.K.O.D.I.S., pieces of plywood, jute and carpet are utilised as painting surfaces. Counterpointing this rawness is a clever visual play between the different painted layers running under and over each other. What might sound tired and done to death is made fresh through a gradation of tone more akin to street art.

Peter Gouge uses a system of naming his works that come from a sentence or song title he's thinking about, they are not references to the painting as such but a method he has adopted to identify each work. When questioned about what they stand for he never reveals, stating that he has forgotten.

1 Mark Amery (May 2014), http://eyecontactsite.com/2014/05/carpet-paintings
Oil, oil stick and encaustic on plywood
475 x 360mm
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