Inner Wing

Wilkinson, Brendon
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Brendan Wilkinson (born 1974) is a Masterton-based sculptor and painter. He is most well know for his intricate architectural models, while his delicate watercolour paintings mix surrealism and science fiction. Wilkinson is interested in depicting non-linear narrative scenes, which are left open to the viewer’s interpretation. Like mysterious scenarios from a Netherworld, his images often include sculptural elements: a landscape inside a tin can, scenes painted on beer bottles, a map drawn on a table top in a thick layer of dust. "Painting is like a window into something other, another place ... inner space" he says.

From a distance, Inner Wing could appear to be a muted watercolour but on closer inspection, has been constructed using layers of naturally iridescent and transparent moth wings. The brown and beige tonal colour variation has been carefully placed to conjure an image of a youthful face, perhaps suggesting the fleeting and delicate temporality of youth. Or is it a mythological monster, taking a human form?

Since graduating with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Auckland University in 1998, Wilkinson has consistantly exhibited in both solo and group shows, predominantly in Auckland and Wellington. In 2002 Wilkinson was awarded an artist’s residency at Govett-Brewster Gallery, Taranaki. Wilkinson’s works are held by various public galleries throughout New Zealand.
Moth wings and archival glue on paper
795 x 625 mm
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