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'Tatai' refers to the action of tying into a bundle, and 'whetu' to a collection of stars. The artist portrays the essence of Tane (god of trees and all the forests), Haumiatiketike (god of natural foods), Tangaroa (god of the seas), Tawhirimatea (god of the winds), Rongomatane (god of peace) and Tumatauenga (god of war). The three bottom panels represent the people and the continuation of tangata whenua, moulded in their united yet diverse and individualistic ways as if they carpet the earth.
Oil on compacted hardboard
Total dimensions: hxw 2070mm x 5940mm (approx)
6 panels hxw 1250 x 990mm
3 panels hxw 820 x 1825mm
Frame breadth: 15mm
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